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This 4-Hour Strategic Planning Workshop Will Change The Way You Do Business Forever. 
Develop a Strategy to Wipe Out Your Competition. Take Back Control. 
Scale Your Business Effectively For Long-Term Success. 

"Without strategy execution is aimless. Without execution, strategy is useless." - Morris Chang
Imagine what would happen if you knew what was going to happen in the future. How differently you would run your business today?

You can't predict the future, but you can create it. 
In just 4 hours we can help you map out what the next three years are going to look like, the milestones you will need to achieve and the strategy on how to get there. 

If you feel like you are stuck in groundhog day, trading time for money and getting nowhere, this is for you. 

If you have constant headaches with your team, or you need to build an asset and develop an exit strategy, this is for you. 

If you want to scale your business to be operating PROFITABLY in the multi-millions - this is for you. 

Why Roadmap To Scale Is For You:
Your revenue is growing, but there is NO CASH in the bank. We'll show you how to find the missing profits and create a sustainable money stream.
You need to wipe out your competitors - we'll show you how you can identify and maximise your strengths in the marketplace to become an industry leader. 
You're stuck in groundhog day, trading time for money - this workshop will connect you with a vision and deliver you a strategic plan that will pull you into a sustainable future. 
What You'll Get From This Workshop
Roadmap To Scale Will Deliver:
  •  A Blueprint - a documented analysis of your industry, your opportunities and a step-by-step plan to wipe out your competitors
  • Clarity - a complete roadmap for success that will allow you to scale effectively and achieve your key objectives in the next 3 - 5 years
  •  Insight - from Australia's leading Small Business Advisor, Sam Musgrave, about where to play and how to win
4-Hour Workshop - Now $495
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Melbourne 9th October 2019
Brisbane 10th October 2019
Sydney 11th October 2019

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How We've Helped Other 
Businesses Grow
"Nine Advisory are our CFO, strategic advisor as well as our accountant. At the end of the day we talk about marketing, HR, staff, everything. They are hands-on and with a very broad skill set."
Micheal Fegent, Tequila Mockingbird
"“We never had good thinking behind our accounting. Nine Advisory has solidified some key things for us and set goals and targets based on real time information. Now we know our position properly, before it was a gut feeling but now it’s based on actual facts.”

Simon Addinall, Those Architects
About Nine Advisory
Nine Advisory is a Sydney-based boutique accounting and business advisory firm that specialises in helping businesses implement and action best practice across finance, governance, strategy and risk.

Unlike traditional accountants (who focus largely on tax and payroll) we analyse every area of a business - from product and service to team culture and marketing - finding the gaps and weaknesses and areas for improvement.
"We owe it to small businesses to do better. Our goal is to help 10,000 businesses achieve the growth and success they deserve."
Sam Musgrave (BComm, CA), Founder of Nine Advisory
A Chartered Accountant for over 15 years Sam's passion has always been developing small to medium businesses. After working for large firms including William Buck, PKF (formerly Lawler Partners), Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan, Sam founded Nine Advisory to offer businesses a more personalised and holistic service.

Growing up on a cattle and wheat farm near Narrabri in north west NSW, Sam's life passions are agriculture, sports, technology and reading. Not to mention his wife Annabelle and son Banjo - born the same time as Nine Advisory.
You'll Walk Away with Your Own Roadmap - 
a Clear, Strategic Plan For Your Business
Here's what we will cover in the workshop:
  •  Introduction - to the 9 Pillar Strategic Framework
  •  Wildly Important Goals - how to define yours
  • Success on Purpose - defining clearly what success looks like for you
  • Vision, Mission & Values - why these are important in the strategic planning process
  •  Your Capabilities - defining your customers, where to play, how to succeed
  • Your Opportunities - industry analysis, competition analysis, outside threats & trends
  •  Balance Sheet Thinking - profit & loss, income and assets, product ecosystem
  •  Planning & Execution - mapping out your next 3 years
  • Radar Lock - what is it and why is it important for success
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